January Contest Theme

Discussion in 'Photo Contest' started by Brad, Dec 12, 2010.


January Contest Theme

Poll closed Dec 16, 2010.
  1. sleeping

    35 vote(s)
  2. shedding

    15 vote(s)
  3. christmas

    16 vote(s)
  4. lol chams

    19 vote(s)
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  1. Brad

    Brad Administrator
    Staff Member

    Help us decide on the photo contest theme for January.

    christmas / hanukkah / holidays
    lol chams

    This is a 4 day poll.
  2. AndrewTheChameleon

    AndrewTheChameleon New Member


    sleeping is good
  3. Miss Lily

    Miss Lily Chameleon Enthusiast

    I voted for shedding, but having remembered the lovely sleeping pic I have of Amy I wish I had voted for sleeping instead.:(
  4. PrettyInInk87

    PrettyInInk87 New Member

    Yay! Glad my suggested Sleeping theme was put up. :D Of course I voted sleeping...
  5. cantgetagoodsn

    cantgetagoodsn New Member

    Sleeping, or if you open for suggestions, curiosity would be a fun category.
  6. HecticZ

    HecticZ New Member

    It would probably be easier for there to be more entries with sleep than shedding. And I would never dress up my cham in an outfit, its just not natural for me.
  7. PrettyInInk87

    PrettyInInk87 New Member

    Agreed... My little guy just shed but I would have to wait a while to get better pictures. He sleeps every night so I have more opportunities to take good ones. :)
  8. Hoj

    Hoj Friendly Grasshopper

    ya i my little guy always looks so peacfull sleeping had to giveit my vote
  9. pantherlover

    pantherlover New Member

    sleeping will be boring. dont gotta dress the cham up for a holiday shot!
  10. stevenelvin

    stevenelvin New Member

    I'd vote for sleeping if the site let me... It's because I'm a junior member isn't it..:p
    Cainschams likes this.
  11. Brad

    Brad Administrator
    Staff Member

    The photo contest theme for January will be sleeping chameleons.
  12. NWD

    NWD New Member


    shedding would have been cool
  13. PrettyInInk87

    PrettyInInk87 New Member

    I wish I could post a picture for the contest but my camera SUCKS. All others, have fun!:D
  14. jcal

    jcal Member

    im going to give it a shot for this contest. hades likes to hide well while sleeping but ill try to get some good shots
  15. ChameleonRave

    ChameleonRave Avid Member

    I plan on posting a picture but i don't know where to post one and how :eek:
  16. ChameleonsInMyHouse

    ChameleonsInMyHouse New Member

    January's theme - "Best Crappiest Digital Camera Pic":rolleyes:
  17. jenstar

    jenstar New Member

    Sleeping would be great :)
  18. Brad

    Brad Administrator
    Staff Member

    Photo contest theme for January: Sleeping Chameleons
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