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i just bought a breeding pair of jacksons. I know your not supposed to keep chameleons together, but the guy who bred them at the petstore insisted to me that they have been together for a few months and have had no problems and that they are fine to be together in the same enclosure. I have them right now in a 100 gallon reptarium, so i was just wondering what you guys think, if they'll be alright together or if i should separate them? any input is helpful thanks
If you dont seperate them your male may never feel manly enough to breed...they usually have to set up their territory to be anxious to breed
I got this excerpt from chameleon news. Its your exact question.

Can you house a male and female Jackson Chameleon together without any problems??

A. I would not recommend this practice unless you have a considerable amount of chameleon experience to help you observe your pair and spot problems and a very large enclosure to keep them in. Chameleons are not forced into close quarters with other animals in the wild. They are always able to leave their tree to get away from any other animal they desire. In a cage-even a large one-they are unable to do this effectively and it can be extremely stressful. While Jackson's are rather easy going chameleons, different individuals will react to the situation differently and this is where a need for experience comes in. Without being able to notice subtle issues, this could easily lead to stress, illness or injury. It's best to keep them separate except for breeding.
ive been keeping chams for a little over 3 years now, from what i've seen the past couple days ive had these guys , they have been really relaxed and almost look like they enjoy each other, as weird as that sounds. i'm gonna give it another day and see how they act, but as soon as i get my pay check i think i'm going to buy another enclosure. But in a big enough enclosure do you think they'll be alright, if they arent showing any signs of stress, eating and drinking pleanty. and even the guy who bred them has had them together for a few months so if they have made it this long and are perfectly healthy would it really be a big problem ... what im basically getting at is if they dont show any signs of stress at all and act normal, eat normal and drink enough is there any reason to separate them?
yeah i realize that im gonna see how they go together, i mean this enclosure is huge, but im gonna buy another one as soon as i get my next pay check
It's good that you will have two enclosures.
Whether or not you take anyone's advice and seperate them right away,
you will have to seperate them at some point.
He will get her pregnant, and she will want nothing to do with him at that point. Her stress, hidden or absent now, will become quite apparent then.

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