Well, I went into my local mom and pop pet store today to pick up some crickets and they had a Jackson's for sale. I was allowed to hold him and I fell in love. HE WAS ONLY $75. I walked out of the store with my crickets only. I really want a Jackson's but I know now isn't the right time and that store isn't the right place to get one. I have learned so much from everyone here on this forum and I want to be way more experienced before I bring home a second cham. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for sharing knowledge and answering some of my crazy and silly questions...:D:D


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Wow! That's a great deal. I would have had a hard time walking out, even knowing it might not be the best place. I have a tendency to get all soft hearted and think I'm rescuing them. I realize it just perpetuates the cycle, but... I guess I'm just weak :D

I'm looking to get a Jackson's some day also. Hard to find where I live, in fact, I've never seen one for sale in a shop or advertised! When you do finally get one - WE WANT PICTURES!!!


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Kudos to you. That rational decision making, will power, and conservative approach bodes well for your chameleon keeping skills and your current and future chameleon's health!
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