Jackson's Enclosure Pictures?


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Can anyone show me some pictures of your Jackson's set up? I'm trying to get a good idea of what I should do. I want to have everything set up before he arrives.

I already have his 5.0 UVB and hood, 1 fake vine, 1 fake pothos vine, 2 real umbrella plants, several branches my mom gathered for me that I'm going to bake and I still need a few more live plants. I'm still debating on glass or screen but I'm leaning more towards a glass terrarium to help increase the humidity.
I wanted a schefflera as well, but home depot was out. I like to keep my terrariums well planted. Here you go. It's an exoterra. You can see Buckbee in the background sleeping. I just took the pic.

Edit: oops sorry I don't know why the pic came out so tiny.


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Oh cool thank you for taking it for me! So it's just a big version of a pygmy set up then right? Do you use the spring tails as well in the bottom?
Sorry to butt in but is 1.50 a good price for a small Schflerra? They are about 8 inches tall. I thought I could grow them out for my Cham cages but don't know if it's worth or how long it would take. Oh and they are literally right next door at a grocery store. :)
Oh well that's a good price for the size. I might just grab a couple and just grow them out... I just pulled a Gardenia piece off of our apartment complex plants and stuck it in a cup of water, its growing ROOTS! Lol! Again, sorry about jacking the thread.:eek:
Last weekend at Lowe's, I bought two 6 inch ficus at $3.33 a piece! I replace two other I had for a few years.

They have them that tiny? I paid 20 dollars for mine at LLL but it was about 2 feet tall. I have a pothos that is totally bald, no leaves on it what so ever but is starting to bud. Poor thing, I rescued it, lol!
I don't have springtails. Unless they get in there somehow. I hate those things, but they're good if you have a clutch of Jackson's that just hatched. Idk about pygmy status, but I keep at least 3 plants inside my enclosures. They really help with humidity. I've had Charlotte my female for about 8 months and she does great.

Oh and that's an awesome price for them ink.
Hey farrahsc, I think you should go with a screen cage. To raise the humidity levels just spray water more often and longer and add more plants...and maybe add a dripper to the setup. I had a Jackson years ago, but not many cage pictures to show you. Where are you getting your Jackson, if I may ask?
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