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I've had my Jackson for almost a month now and hes been just fine by what i can tell. His color was good, he had his first shed, and all was going well I thought even after 3 habitat shifts in the last weeks (i had some mistakes that needed rectifying). Two days ago i woke up and looked at him and he was BLACK! Needless to say I was freaked and got him to the herp doctor ASAP. Now he is only a darker color in the day, once his night cycle starts he reverts to his verdant greeny self. I thought maybe his humidity was off(as doc recommended he had shed retention) and after rectifying this with a cool mist fogger I hoped for a change. Nothing. He still a darker cooler in the day and green at night. I have(from what i can tell) a decent set up for him but he seems to not want to change color in there ( at the doctor he was green as a leaf, even when handled) and I cant seem to narrow down the culprit. I have a UVB, basking light, a variant in temperatures through out the cage, I spray his feeders and gut load them. I monitor his heat and humidity in both the day and night (well within boundaries, although there is a slightly higher drop in nighttime temps, about 5-10 degrees lower than i like). I am at a loss. I was recommended maybe a ceramic heat emitter bulb for at night to keep him warmer but am afraid of not meeting his proper digestion temperature at night. Any suggestions? I know hes telling me something with his color but I cant seem to figure out what. Would you please help out this new Jackson keeper? I will post pics when i can of whats what at a latter date. Thank you for your time.

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I didn't see this mentioned. But what IS his basking temperature? Definitely fill out the form from above.

If he's dark, he could be too cool, he could be too hot (and stressed). His basking should be around 78-83. Occasional 85s is OK. But any higher is not recommended.

They can also handle fairly low night-time temps. Unless you're in the low 50s I can't see that being a problem. My room drops to 65ish at night.
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