Jackson chameleon snotty stuff hanging on plant, fair warning pictures inside


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So I usually see poop answer such after the fact but found this hanging looks like he his very hydrated? I just wanted to know if this is normal stuff or should I be more concerned?


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I'm glad that's cleared up! I'm sure it was rather scary to see what looked like "snotty stuff" there!

Good luck with him!

it was , he is my first chameleon , im a leopard gecko , crested gecko, and dragon veteran but this is new to me and i like it!!!
I also have a Jackson, and that to me looks like a urate. Sometimes they stick to a leaf rather than fall onto the floor - I am guessing you also found poop somewhere below this urate? Sperm plugs are a different consistency to urates. I wrote the thread 'Hemipenes and Sperm Deposits' mentioned above with a little photographic help from Monty!
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