Jackson Chameleon Not Releasing Slugs


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The vet did an xray of our chameleon who hasn't been eating, and saw lots of follicles. She thinks she is "Eggbound" and suggested spaying. Does anyone have any experience in this? Has anyone had their jackson spayed? I know jacksons typically drop unfertilized slugs/yolks, but if they are not dropping them, is there anything we can do? I'm looking to see if anyone has experienced this and their female survived.
I have never had mine spayed I don't know how it would go in a Jackson's. I know they have many of the same problems as the egg layers. Females jackson's do prefer a branch placed at an angle and privacy to give birth.
All you can do from home is adequate hydration, sufficient calcium and D3 without overloading. Prevention by not letting them eat too much is the best defense.
@jannb she has had this done.
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