Jackson Chameleon might be Gravid! I NEED HELP! please!


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I just got back from the expo in Orlando and I bought a female Jackson chameleon, The breeder told me that she may be gravid. I have never token care of any baby chameleons so I don't really know what to do.

What do I do when they are born? Should I keep them in the same cage that there mom is in ? (A male is also in the same cage)

What do I feed the baby chameleons ? I'v herd that they eat pin heads But the breeder who i got her from said that I just have to feed them small crickets. (i dont know if he meant pinheads or just small crickets)

If there is anything else you think i should know PLEASE let me know

-Thank you!
you will need to remove the babies right away- she will eat them - also, she and the male should NOT be kept in the same cage- take him/her out and give them their own cage-
watch this vid/ - all of it - its kinda long, but every bit of it has great info -


you will need fruit flies, and pin head crix to get them started- "small" crickets will be to big- they are TINY when they are born -

there are others who know much more than I :eek: maybe others will chime in ,but get your chams out of the same cage ASAP - they do not like to be with other chams ;)

there are many good links on the forums about babies, and their care - I would read them now, just encase she does have babies :)
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