Jackson and Carpet Pics


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Well today my carpets arrived by UPS. I also had a male Jackson arrive today for my female who was a rescue with a male we lost. So until I get better pics here are the quick arrival pics!

Nick and Noel the carpets are up first. The first pic is the male and second is the female. Then the jacksons are male first and female last. My Jacksons still need names!


Texas Panther Man

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Love the colors on that gravid female lateralis. I miss my little carpets. You will like them they are an interesting species. Make sure you give them a densely planted cage. I kept mine in 16x30 screened cages packed with scheffelerra. They love water, at least mine did. They drank at every misting session, 3x a day. My male would eat anything, my female was a little bit of a picky eatter.
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