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:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

Stuey died while i was at school this morning.... u wanted to stay home and help him but i couldnt....parents wouldnt let me and they promised to help him

Worst thing....i knew he was sick....but i cant do anything about it....no1 belive a 'stupid litle kid".....and awful world....

ill always remember, when i played Welcome To The Black Parade By My Chemical Romance.........he would turn green and be happy....
Sorry to hear that Stuey has gone to chameleon heaven. I hope you will keep many good memories of him in your heart.
dont let ur loss be the end of chameleons for you... I know the feeling of losing your first chameleon (it sucks) ... when ur ready again try again... its what i did! and after loosing my Flapneck i got a Panther ... but i dont ever forget my Loss!

Stay strong

sorry for your loss bro.
I hope it's not over for you and this will give you power to start all over again.
Sorry for your loss. Stuey will always be with you, none can take away all the special moments you shared together.
Sorry for your loss


All of the best cham keepers I know had losses early on. Now you know what to look for. It takes character to jump back on the horse again...
Study in Chameleon keeping is still in transition. The transition from "How to keep a chameleon alive" and "What makes these chameleons healthy". It's situations like what you have experienced, that pull the people back from the latter thought into the reality where these two things need to be looked at simutaniously. We are truely unknowing when we look at what we have compiled as a guide on these delicate species of animals.

As quoted from an interview with JimF:
As a close friend with decades of chameleon experience loves to tell me "The true experience of anyone who claims to a chameleon expert can be measured in how many they have killed . the higher the number, the more expert they are".
What you need to do to turn this into a positive experience is to put all the knowledge into good use and take forward steps with our difficult hobby.
13 now :eek:

yea i want to....but i dont want to hurt another chameleon you know? i really like them but....

and the vet said aperantly it was some kind of letuce that was giving him MBD....iceland or somthing....:( looked exactly like the normal lettuce.::(

anyway we got all kinds of new foods for the crickets to help him but he just wouldnt swallow them....any idea why?

Edit: plus, id like to get a panther, but im broke :eek:
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I am very sorry foryour loss ....RIP Stuey. I remember when I lost my first cham, little did I know that Senegals are very difficult to keep in captivity, but I bought one from a pet store on a whim. He lived for 2 1/2 years and forthat I feel fortunate, but it was still a hard lesson learned in doing your homework about these amazing creatures before making that impulse purchase.

Stick with it and I promise the lessons you have learned from Stuey will pay off with the next one.
13 now :eek:

and the vet said aperantly it was some kind of letuce that was giving him MBD....iceland or somthing....:( looked exactly like the normal lettuce.::(

You probally mean iceburg lettuce, it is the one that is in the shape of a round ball. Iceburg has no nutritional value for humans so don't image it would be benificial for chameleons either. I prefer romain lettuce.
yea iceburg thats it, yea she said it causes MBD, somehow, yea we have romain lettuce now. course...:(
R.I.P. Stuey. Lessons learned for the Better of chameleon husbandry. Don't let it ruin these wonderful yet fragile animals for you!!
stuey, soo sorry for your loss man!!! may Stuey R.I.P. i do hope you can move forward and get yourself another chameleon to continue Stuey's'll have much better days with another cham in the house .
yea i guess ill get another one....gonna wait till summer tho cause its freezing here now and i need to make sure im apsolutly ready.
Once again i'm truly sorry. But please stay in the hobby as it is basically a comunity of knowledge sharing. Others as well as you will learn from yours, and everyone's mistakes to make the parenting of chameleons better.

R.I.P. Stuey.
well idk....maybe ill get like a python or somthing, u know, walk around with a 5 foot snake on my shoulders, ive seen my freind take care of a ball python it would be beter for me, feed it once everyweek, i think it would be easyer than a delicate chameleon, and i think i should learn more about reptiles first, maybe ill get one around march, or somthing. i want to learn more i bought stuey on an impulse, and my mom liked him wich was cool :eek:
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