It's Freezing!


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Alright now it's my turn to complain about the weather. We had our rain already a couple of months ago. Why must you come back? It's a whole freezing, whopping 60 degrees and I'm dying of the cold at the moment. What is up with this random weather?!?!?
My heart just bleeds for you.:( I don't blame you for being unhappy, if it were me I would get out of that heat and head to my house for some snow and ice.
Hey... We are spoiled here in SoCal! We have the best weather in the country. If you don't agree... just look up the weather in the rest of the country! a couple of rainy days would be ok. We'll survive!;)
oh poor baby! I live in Florida but have been in Chicago/Indiana area for 10 days as my mother has heart surgery and is having complications and I do not know when I am going home. I forgot what these Northerners went through. Today actually is not that bad for about the first time since I got here. I would not complain about 60 degrees!!
Here in Michigan we are getting teased.... It was low 20's this past weekend, and tomorrow we are having a warm spell of low 50's but then by the weekend we are back to the low 20's with Snow.... Then again my fiancée is a fire fighter and had to do ice rescue training with it 5-8 below zero. LOL.... Hopefully by May we will be thawed out, though we still can get snow until the 31st of May.. I would take the 60's just about now. :)
It's supposed to rain all week! Laguna flooded when it rained heaviest a while ago. I think were done, seriously.
There is no way I'm going to complain about living here!!! We get a little bit of rain and the locals think that there going to wash away!!!! I talked to my friends in Colorado the other day and the high was 11 degrees...BURRRRRRRRRR... I'm just fine here!!!
Weird weather in Norther Utah right now... We have a 40 MPH wind coming from the south bringing the high to 65.. but tonight it will be snowing.. what the...??
hah, another Michigander here. you are complaining that it is 60!? people are worshiping the gods because it was near 50 today.
Its a blizzard out right now and we've gotten at least 5 inches of snow. It was all warm and nice out the last couple of days and now we have to freeze again and wait for the snow to melt all over again.
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