Is this temporary cage good for his size?


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some butterflys, and some couple of small crickets, hasn't eaten any of them yet. He does seem quite energetic tho so I think he just may not be hungry.
Do NOT be feeding him insects that you ‘near your house’. You don’t know what they carry and most of them are toxic for chams to ingest. That little container will not hold any type of cham for more than a couple days. If you don’t know the proper care you need to read through these forums. They are filled with people who have lots of experience and information. You need a bigger enclosure and you should be feeding him superworms, silkworms, small crickets, hornworms as treats at least once a week and a T5 or T8 linear light fixture. Please read as much as you can on these forums as they can be very insightful. And remember, ask questions!


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honestly. if you have a fake plants around the house that you can put him in, that would be a lot better. just make sure its next to a window for the time in being, i would just get that cage ASAP. but other than that i wouldnt worry, when i have my chameleon in his free range ive found he doesnt actually want to escape, your chameleon is a bit younger than mine and is much more active so i would still keep an eye on him.
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