Is this shed or something else?


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My chameleon has started to have “white spots” on his side and one of his eyes. Is this shed or is something wrong? I’ve had him for about 3 weeks and I think he’s between 2-4 months old. He eats really well, seems to be drinking fine and urates/poop looks good.

In the second photo, the marks look raised. The other two photos aren't bothering me. If it really is raised then I'd keep an eye on it.
Thank you!! I think it’s flat. I gently touched it with my finger and can’t feel a difference between the spot and the rest of him. Do you think it’s just colors coming in or shedding? The concern I have is that he has a mild burn or something but the fact that it kind of goes away makes me think not.
Awesome, thank you!
I agree. One of my previous coneheads, Butch (Sundance had already died, like the movie), used to mash his head against the mesh near the heat lamp, and his head kinda looked a waffle. What an a$$hole. He lived to be a little over 4, but I've since moved their basking spots lower.
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