Is this plant Chameleon safe?


I'm sorry for all the questions lately, but I only have one more on the top of my head right now that I really need to know. She is a veiled chameleon, I have the plants I've been growing for some years now. Wondering if they are safe for her enclosure. Not sure the name. They are tall and wide and would fill her enclosure more. Are they ok? I just want a few tree like plants inside for her.


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Can't tell what plant this is from the picture. Take better photos of it or the plant to a nursery and ask. There is a list of cham-safe plants under the Resources tab. Veileds are known to take bites out of their plants...better safe than sorry!


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That is shell ginger which is edible to humans. There's nothing about any parts of it being toxic. The cham safe plant lists don't name everything because there would be too many to list.
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