Is this a zippered caged or a different type?

It is one of the enclosures with a zipper. I have used a couple different sizes of these over the last year and I haven't had any issue with them. Just be gentle with the zipper and make sure there is nothing for it to get stuck on. It is pvc that is the skeleton for the cage so its pretty sturdy. Decent cage overall in my opinion for the price you can get them at.
It is zippered. I dont mind these cages, but some people don't like them. I like them because they are easy to transport, light weight, are easy to take down, is darker so shy chameleons seem to feel safer, and are fairly inexpensive. However, I hate those flimsy plastic bottom try things they have, so I use acrylic that I cut to size and put on the bottom like the metal cages would have.

I have been using one of the ones that I have for over 11 years without having to replace anything. I am just careful with it and don't abuse it.
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