Is sunlight from a window good for your Cham?


Hi Im a new keeper I have a 2 month old veiled chameleon and sometimes if there is sung light coming from the window I’ll open it and move his enclosure a little closer so he has a spot to get some natural sunlight.

My question is if this is okay for him I’m worried he’ll form a habit of it or something like that and won’t use his lights when the sun isn’t available (like these past cloudy and rainy days I’ve had where I am) he still uses his basking branch but if there’s a spot where he can get some sunlight he’ll move to it.


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Sun when blocked by glass, plastic, screen cuts natural UVB. They love the warmth of the sun though. Where you want to be careful is direct sun for prolonged periods will heat the ambient temp. Too hot and they can not get out of it. This is the same with taking them outside... What you feel is warm gets very hot after a while in direct sun. So they need shade so they can cool down if needed.


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yes it is good for them make sure there is a shaded spot for them to go if they get to hot. if you have glass there isn’t really any UVB
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