Is size an issue with chameleon mating?


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Hi I have tried mating these two for the past few weeks with no success. The male is interested and immediatly tries to mate with the female but she always gets away and he can never get her in the correct position. Is she too small? What is the problem? The last pic is of her getting away. Should I just leave them in the same cage until they do it?


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Maybe she is still not interested in breeding yet. I tried for almost 6 months before they actually mated. Everytime i introduce the male into the female cage, either the female tried to bite the male's head off or vice versa. Mating can be really scary as it leaves scar.....tons of them. The female isn't receptive till she was 1.5 years old. Some breeder did said that their female breed at 5 months of age. The earlier the female mate the shorter their lifespan.

As long as you chameleon won't try to kill each other I don't see why not placing them together for longer period. Maybe your female chameleon is playing hard to get. This makes the male very arouse i guess....LOL :p
Well how long are you leaving them together. I have read that some people leave them together for two days before seperating the two. From the looks of it you female isn't turning black and your male is definately ready so I would leave her in there a little while just to see what happens. If she does turn black or start hissing at him definately seperate the two. avoid the possibility of an injury, I show the female to the male so that one is in the cage and one is outside the cage...that way neither can attack the other, but you can see the reactions of both to each other.

The two should not be put together until both are showing a willingness to mate.

Panther21...I would be doing as chriscarter said and leaving them together since they are both okay in the same cage. The only thing is I would not simply leave them together for two days....I would leave the female in there until she starts repelling the male or turns dark. As long as they are both receptive to each other, they can be left together for a few days....just be sure to separate them at the first sign of trouble.
Well, when I originally got her I had only one cage and they were together for a few days but he would never leave her alone and she did not eat or drink while he was in there and I never saw them mate successfully. How do they do it anyway without falling? i am scared he is going to knock her off the high vines. my males cage is 6ft tall so it would be a long fall. Is there any special setup that would help the mating process?
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