Is She Ready ?


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Hi, i need some help.

So I have a beautiful Female Panther chameleon she is almost 10 months old
and about 3 weeks ago she started showing her "peachy" colors :). i have two
more Panthers and they are both males one is 1yr and the other is almost
11 months. so anyways I showed Novi (my female ) to Oscar ( my 1yr old male) and they REALLY hit it off,
they were very interested in each other. and so I was wondering, Is Novi ready for babies?
I have been told they need to be at least 70 grams,
I'm not really sure how much she weighs and I don't have a gram scale.... how do I weigh her?

-Any and all help is very much appreciated! Thanks For reading


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Generally it is best to wait until a year of age before mating them but I they are at the size and weight they would be at a year old at ten months there shouldn't be problems.

If a female is receptive in the wild a male does not ask her age they simply mate. At 10 months she is likely to be fully or nearly fully grown. Personally ten months would be minimum for me to mate a female.

You need to get a set of scales and put her on it. My female was latex at 80g and I was not 100% sure on her age but she was a minimum of ten months at least for sure and she was ok and was a good size and I know she had had all the correct calcium during her life.

It is really your call and whether you think she is a good size and ready. There is no harm leaving her. She may or may not lay a clutch of I fertiles which will be no bother. You can then think about mating her on her receptive cycle depending how long it was since she last laid.

I plan to mate my female a maximum of twice a year. There are lots of opinions on this subject within the forum and I am sure there will be many more giving their views too.


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Like I said before, I don't have a gram scale so I don't know how much she weighs.... is there any other way to weigh her? if not, where do i buy a gram scale, i assume you cant buy one at a regular pet store so where do you get one? Also if i do breed her is there a specific incubator i should get?

-thanks :)
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