Is she ready or just over fed?


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Sorry for the crumby picture. I wanted some opinions on whats happening to my female veiled Psyc. She eats some thing like 8-12 half inch cricks a day and lately I've been limiting the cricks because I dont know if shes overfed fat and happy or has a clutch. Im not going to a vet because if she does have a clutch I think we can handle it. I just wanted to get some opinions. Shes about 6 months old now. Shes very slow moving as of lately and very adjitated. Her belly is fat and she drags it around. Anything I could do to make her feel better (limit handling her, more misting, more treats like wax worms...?)
Thanks for the advise!


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Heres Pharo, Psycs play mate...they havent seen each other yet...seperate cages.


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Was she down in that pot when you took the picture (meaning.. was she hanging out in it? or did you put her there?) Does she have a digging container in her cage?

Aside from "dragging her belly" does she have any other symptoms like falling, shakiness, rubbery casque or jaw?

Maybe paste the sticky "How To Ask For Help" and fill that out so that we can get a good idea of your husbandry. This always helps when asking questions :)
Ok, here we go...
Cage Type: 24x18x12
Lighting: UVB 10%, Sun exposuer, and a 70 watt light bulb for basking
Temp: about 80 durring the day, 76 nights
Humidity: I live in Texas.
Plants: One live and 2 fake
Location: near a window

Cham info:
MyCham: Veiled, female, 6 months old
Feeding: 8-15 cricks a day + a wax wrm or grub worm once and a while (I call these treats)
Supplements: reptocal dusted treats (the waxworms and grub worms)
Watering: Auto Mist 3 times a day for about 30 sec. plus sometimes manually mist for an extra drink if I feel like they need it.
Fecal Description: looks like poop. with a white part
History: um..shes never acted like this when she was thinner
Current problem:
Yes, she is a bit shaky. she rarely moves around and when she does she rests her belly alot on things. I found her down there like that in the picture. I dont have a designated dig box for her but i put loose soil on the plant she is on in that picture. She is very aggitated when i try to handle her recently. her belly is bigger than I think shoud be normal.

There you go, now how about some opinions?
Shakiness is mostly a symptom of Metabolic Bone Disease as is dragging her belly. Even a healthy gravid chameleon should have strong legs and pretty much lift her stomach above branches all day long unless sleeping. I would purchase Repcal Calcium w/D3 and start dusting her crickets with it everyday for the next couple weeks and see if she improves. She does not look gravid. I would say it sounds more like the onset of MBD. I'd also purchase a Reptisun 10.0 as a UVA/UVB Light. You can purchase these online from

Even if you think you may have the appropriate supplements and lighting I would go with what I recommend.

Hope this helps! I'd order immediately. Go with the brands I'm talking about. I know they work. If you'd like to talk in person my name is Mike and my number is 239-560-5523. I'm more than happy to share any info that would help you and your chameleon out.
I totally agree that it sounds like the onset of MBD. At this age the chameleon should have its food dusted with pure calcium at almost every feeding. Skipping one occasionally is alright, but 4 out of 5 feedings at least should be dusted.

Her UVB exposure sounds good as long as her light doesn't pass through glass or plastic and as long as she can get within 6 or 8 inches of the bulb. The more outside time that you can provide, the better. If you are taking her out 3 or 4 times a week for more than half an hour then you probably don't need the calcium w/D3 every feeding. I would use the plain calcium every feeding and the calcium w/D3 twice a week. You can overdo the D3 as much as you can under do it.

I am assuming that your male probably is having the same problems even if he isn't yet showing symptoms. Be sure to up his supplementation as well. Make sure also that they are both getting enough water. The white part of their poop should be bright white and the whole thing should be kinda wet looking.

Lastly, I would recommend a vet visit just in case they have any broken bones or other problems that you haven't noticed yet and on the chance that it may NOT be MBD. Though the shakiness and her dragging her belly are classic signs, you just never know.

Good luck with these guys. If corrected soon, MBD can be halted and the chameleons can go on to lead happy, healthy lives. I have 2 that are living proof :)
yea you guys are right shes starting to get the MBD! in the last pic look at her back legs they are starting to bow so im saying that shes got the begining of MBD! so if i was you a vet check up is needed befor anything , shes gona need a shot from the vet they wil give her a calcium shot and then you go from there you start to dust her food every day for a week and then start to lay off the vet might tell you differently but if i was you i would take her asap! the faster you get at it the faster its gona stop!
I have kept veileds for many years....and not had a case of MBD for a long time. This is what I do...
I use Repti-sun 5.0's. (My chameleons rarely go outside.) Since they only get artificial UVB, I dust their insects with a phos.-free calcium/D3 powder lightly twice a month. D3 from supplements can build up in the system, so don't overdo it.

I also dust twice a month with a vitamin powder that has a beta carotene source of vitamin A because it won't build up in the system. Its controversial as to whether chameleons can convert beta carotene, so some people use preformed vitamin A once in a while. Preformed vit. A can build up in the system, so don't overdo it. Excess vitamin A can prevent the D3 from doing its job, and lead to MBD.

I also dust at most feedings with a phos.-free calcium powder to help make up for the poor ratio of calcium to phos. that is found in many insects.

Gutloading is another important thing to sure to take into consideration how much D3, preformed vitamin A, calcium and phos. there is in the things that you include in your gutload when trying to balance them.

If your chameleon has begun to develop MBD, which a vet should be able to tell you for sure, the vet can give her injections of calcium and, if need be, when her blood calcium levels are high enough, a shot of calcitonin to bring the calcium back into the bones.
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