Is my veiled chameleon dying?

Great info! Just a few corrections so you can help out better! You're doing awesome!

That is too close, 10-12" away is best

Don't buy decor items that aren't meant to be used for reptiles, things from Hobby Lobby can have coating or chemicals on them. Real, non-toxic, and non-sap producing woods can be used for branches, and only live, veiled-tested chameleon safe plants for veileds. It's preferred to have only live plants for all species, but reptile-branded fake plants meant to be used only for reptiles should be the only ones used in a cage

Those are great links! The only other thing is that the thermometer you linked isn't needed, as it's the wrong type. Infrared temperature guns measure surface temp, while we need air temps to monitor our chams' cage. Digital thermometers with or without probes or digital hygrometer-thermometer combos are best to use. You can find them in the weather section of Home Depot, Walmart, etc, and online!
I just bought Fluker Vines on amazon thst have good discount right now. Flukers make the best vines and acessories geared for chameleons. Please dont confuse heat lights with basking lights. As long as your room temp does not go below 50 degrees there isno need for any heaters. Chams sleep for 12 hours and the cooling down of the body helps with healing and growth. Putting a heater in may deprive your cham of this. You should have a 12 hour timer that you can set your lights to go on and off at the same time everyday. Many chams like sunrise to sunset. You major priority right now is medication for respitory infection and the vet may want to give vitamin shots as well. i am assumimg your two for one calcium is calcium with D3. thus should be given
Once day every other week. The rest of the days calcium without D3. You will have to go online for this. A reptivitamin should be given once every other week as well. The next priority are the lights. UVB should be linear only. See above for strength. The light should be longer then the top of the cage. Get 18" or 24". If you plan on getting a bigger cage, get the 24". You can use the double dome light for a basking bulb 75watt and a plant light which will help keep the plants you outbon
I don't even know where to find all of that stuff to buy in person today. It just sucks that I trusted the place that sold everything to me. I spent $500 and see that everything I bought is pretty much not good for him. It seems I'm taking my chameleon in to get better to bring him back home that isn't suitable for him.
Sorry you had that experience. This happens a lot. I did the same thing, and so many others have been mislead on the pet store recommendations. Initially, purchased all the wrong stuff It was all wrong. I implemented CF suggestions, my guy is thriving.
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