is my panther ready


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For about a month my chameleon has had something coming out of his butt after he is done pooping. i have heard it is a sperm plug so would that mean my panther is ready to mate.Or is he posibly lonely!!!!!!!! I would really thank you for some answers.....:)
Yes, if it's a sperm plug it means that he has reached sexual maturity. If he were to come across a female he would probably try to mate, but that doesn't mean he's necessarily lonely. Chameleons are generally solitary, so he doesn't need friends or anything.
Heya don´t want to alarm you but what are you feeding your cham? I didn´t know any better and when my first cham discovered superworms he stopped taking all other foods (crickets, grasshoppers etc) and would feed solely on superworms. After switching to the superworm diest, eventually I also started noticing that he would have something coming out of his butt when he was done pooping. I also thought it was a sperm plug, but after weeks of the same he started looking not so good and i took him to the vet. The vet told me that what was happening to my cham was that he was having an intestinal prolapse on account of eating the poor quality superworms. He was put on medication, we had to force feed him with a specialy formulated mix. After months of suffering, and trying our best to do all we could for the little guy he passed away. Apparantly once a cham has a prolapse its very hard to get them healthy again. Anyway, I don´t want to alarm you, but i do think its something to be aware of. I certainly wont ever feed superworms to a chameleon ever again.
This is what it looks like


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Sorry but my son doesn't do we'll when expelling things well, he is a 8 month old bb ambilobe this was never red he poops just fine we have been given him super worms lately
Chulocham great pics, it does indeed look like a spermplug (so glad!:)). Don´t look if you´re squeemish, but this is what prolapse looks like

As for feeding chams superworms I know that plenty of people do it and their chams are fine. But after my experience I will stay away from them. Totally not worth the risk.
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