Is my Chameleon blind or dopey??


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Ok this is quite bizzare...but here goes...

I sometimes handfeed Calvin mealworms for the odd treat, but lately he's been quite odd. I put the meal worm in the palm of my hand and it moves, so i'm guessing he can see it, but instead of grabbing the meal worm with his tongue he goes for the tip of my finger!! :eek::eek: he'll do this continually untill i practically have to point out the meal worm!! I'm worried that he's going to damage his tongue doing this so just put the meal worms in the vivarium but it's as though he's either blind...or just a bit stupid?? :D:D

Just thought id see what you all think...:rolleyes::rolleyes:
Maybe the fingers look like bigger juicier worms mate? Try holding the end of the worm betwixt index and thumb and see how he goes. :)
If he has no trouble shooting in the cage I don't think there is a problem with his binocular vision.
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