Is my Cham drinking?


Hi! I have an approx. 1 year old male Veiled Chameleon named Kuzco. How do I know he is drinking? I mist his cage 4-5 times a day but he seems to hate it, and I never see him lick off the leaves! I also have a Chameleon Cantina in the cage but he never goes to that either. When I catch him eating his live plants I try to spray them but he then runs away. Any suggestions?


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Urates, sunken eyes, and his skin can all be used to get an idea of how hydrated he is.

It’s a good thing he isn’t interested in the cantina, they have killed many chams, throw it away.

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I have owned my veiled for a year now. Raising him up from 4 months old and have seen him drink only once or twice in that time. One of those might have been a situation where he decided to open his mouth as water ran down his head. That said his eyes look good and urates are white so I just keep offering it to him and mist his leaves. He's getting water somehow and seems fine. He tends to run away when the mist hits him.

Now my panthers in the other hand I have to sit and drip for them almost every morning while they drink. Their urates look fine and they may just drink because it's there but not taking any chances. I like to make sure they do the eye cleaning and stuff.
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