Is it ok to fel grasshoppers?


I had 2 new chameleons arrive last week tried to get them settled into their new homes.... both chameleons ate rather well for the first 2 days i fed them dubia roaches... they are both sub adults one male one female... my female doesnt seem to have problem eating but my male stopped eating for 4 days which is a concern to me.... this morning i tried something new asked a few of my workers to catch small grasshoppers for me in an area with no pesticide exposure... as soon as the grasshoppers were in his enclosure he went all crazy for them eating non stop.... even the female seemed to like grasshoppers more... maybe they were so used to eating crickets before where i got them and grasshoppers are pretty close to crickets i guess.... any opinions guys? thanks
As long as you got them from an area without pesticides, grasshoppers made a great food. Just make sure they are not to large for your chams. Lots of people here feed grasshoppers.
hehehe yes the small type of grasshoppers my chameleons love them... but it is too tiring to catch i will have some crickets by tomorrow they do not like dubian roaches that much
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