is it normal...?


my gravid Jackson's has not eaten or had any drinks that I've seen in 2 days...I'm wondering, is this normal pregnant behavior or should I be worried? She has had a good long misting 4 to 5 times a day, but normally she will drink when I do this, which she has not in 2 days. She was bred in November, and all else seems normal. She is sleeping in the branches now, and moves about throughout the day, inspecting her cage. Her eyes don't look sunk in at all. Any ideas?
never mind...I figured it out. She apparently didn't like her cage decor :rolleyes: I redid the inside, thinned out the vegitation, gave her more walkways, and she started drinking and is hunting crickets at the moment ;) silly cham.
They can be very fickle sometimes, and it's up to us to figure things out to get them back on track. Good job doing just that. Don't forget to post baby pics when the time is right! :)
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