Is Arcadia 12% going to be strong?


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I plan to create a custom background and plant it with live plants and moss. I have ordered a double fixture from and a jungle dome LED. I went with the 12%, but now I'm second guessing- is that going to be too strong?


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It'll be fine as long as you give your cham plenty of foliage to get some shade when they want.

I, and many others, use the 12%.


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I use 6% and 12% bulbs, but I also know the difference in when and how to use them.

I'd recommend you chat with Todd over at The guy is phenomenal with his knowledge of light systems and how they interact with habitats. He's a sponsor on the site too. For a such a tall cage you might go with a combo of a 6% light and one of his jungle spot lamps to reach the bottom. I'd cut the top off that cage so I could put a screen top on it and the light fixtures upon it.
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