Irrational Fear ?


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Okay so I'm ALL about chameleons. Would be in more glory having a house full. My fiance got a bearded that's 4 years old. Her last owners had to move and re-home her. She's huge I mean huge, but I'm terrified of her ! I love little beardies but I never seen one so big !!! Anthony walks around with it like a dog and the thing is snuggled up and loving life. Why am I sooooo scared !!!!
There's really no reason to be afraid of a beardie...big or small if it is the typical captive-produced lizard. You are probably scared because you don't understand them yet. They are very social, responsive characters, and love attention. They are semi-colonial in the wild which means they developed some more sophisticated social behaviors unlike most other herps. You are lucky to have one! I had a huge beardie years ago who loved to lie on my lap for hours soaking up some body heat and watch tv movies with me. He'd also follow me around the house while I did chores. He was a riot and very sweet. Their fierce appearance is a defense, but it hides a friendly personality.
I'm just intimidated that's for sure ! Thanks for chiming in on both threads great info. I'm sure ill warm up to it. It's just soooo big !!!
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