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Hey, my name is Holly, I'm new to the forum. Just wanna say hi to you all. Hoping I can get hints, tips and info to help me with my Cham.
Also maybe gain some friends here :-D

Where should a post to get help finding out the species of Chameleon I have? I rescued him, so I know very little. I am just going off general info at the moment.
~Thank you in advance for help with where to post.

Anyways can't wait to get to know ya'll.

Be happy always,
Holly xx
Welcome to the world of chameleons!

If you post a picture of the chameleon we should be able to tell you what species it is.
Hey Holly, post some pictures of your cham and the only tip I can think of is don't talk to strangers.
Thank you both for your welcoming posts :) I shall add a few pics of him in the gallery. Thanks for the tip Eltortu, it's very true that you shouldn't talk to strangers, but that kinda buggers up the idea of me talking on here lol. Either an ace quip or an insult, hmmm I wonder. Hehe.
hiyas holly an welcome to the fourm, as they said post some pics an well tell ya whatcha got an well go from there
Waves, HI!!!

Holly, you'll be amazed at the depth of knowledge to be found here. Post a picture. Experts here will identify it!
Here's the pictures for the expertise of all my fellow forum users. I hope they are good enough. Thank you all for your help :)


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