Introducing Rio and his kids


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Here is Rio! He is from "Super Blue" from Chameleon Paradise --> pics here!
Chameleon Paradise has been selectively breeding a TRUE BLUE Nosy Be over many years, and I am so proud to say...they've done it! This is the bluest of blue Nosy Be lines out there.




SO WHAT?! .....RIO HAS KIDS NOW! They are getting bigger day by day!


I can't hardly wait to see how they all turn out. You can see the blues coming through already! These are going to be such genetically strong BLUE NOSY BEs!

The Sire -Rio- was mated to a female from "Greaseball" at Chameleon Company -->pic here! Greaseball is probably the biggest rival to the deep beautiful blue Nosy Bes that Bruce produces at Chameleon Paradise. Why not breed the top true blue Nosy Bes and see what happens? So I did;)

Thanks for looking!
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