Introducing Ollie - my Ankaramy panther (my first rescue)


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I recently lost my Calumma Globifer to illness and I was so upset I considered never buying another delicate species of chameleon ever again. Fate stepped in though when Darren Biggs offered me the chance to rescue the one species I have always wanted, a rare Ankaramy Panther. It didn't take me long to decide so I went to pick him up from Crystal Palace reptiles expecting the worse. Little Ollie (named after the late chamguy - Oliver Harvey) weighed just 33 grams and was suffering from severe dehydration and anorexia. Darren admitted he gave the chameleon just a 50/50 chance but with some TLC he thought he might pull through. Darren also said he would have given the chameleon to his vet had I not taken him. Darren got him wormed and the fecal check I had my own vet do came back clear. I am very impressed with Darrens attitude, he told me he wouldn't have given the chameleon to just anyone and lesser reptile shop owners would have sold him in that condition.
Well just over two weeks on Ollie had improved dramatically His weight has gone up to 44 grams and his urates are no longer orange but white. He eats loads. I took a photo of him the day I brought him home and another one today so that everyone can see the difference. He has a long way to go but so far so good...
I will take some more photos of him soon because at his best he is pink/peach and has the most vibrant apricot coloured eye turrets:D

Ollie when I first brought him home 2/1/06:-


Ollie today, just over two weeks later (I had just given him a spray so he is covered in water in this photo):-

He is beautiful! Looks like he is going to be fine. I am really glad he fell into such dedicated hands.

Good luck with her Lisa!

I hope he'll get 100% and maybe you can breed with him one day.

I must say ankaramy is really beautiful. when I see them I might gonna keep panthers again...

Thanks for that Steven:)
Without doubt, Ankaramys are my favourite locale of panther. They are rare and delicate, a bit difficult to breed but I love them because of their gorgeous pink colouration. I have another panther and he is so different (his photo is my avatar). Ankaramys appear to have longer, more pointed heads and they are maybe smaller than the other locales. In USA there are some captive bred ones available but for us in England, we can only obtain wild caught specimens at the moment.
Hello Ollie :D

Ollie is very lucky to have an owner like yourself. From the pictures his health seems to be improving nicely. I have never seen an Ankaramy in person. Look forward to seeing more pics in the future :)
It's indeed true anakaramy's are hard to find. I don't know anything about Amrica but here in europe it indeed is quite hard to find them. Myself I still have some pardalis but I've cutted down my breeding colony to as good as no panthers anymore. I still believe nosy be is one of the most beautiful morphs and easy to recognize. But Ankaramy is the onlt one who can compete with nosy be.

When I look at the pics I'm almost sure he'll make it. The only thing that might happen is that he's not gonna be a giant, but who cares. He'll have a healthy life with you and maybe you'll find a decent girl for him.
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