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Hey have any of you guys heard of international chameleon shipping and/or know about a store that ships to Latin America?
not sure about the latter part of your question, but its going to be painfully expensive (prohibitively) to ship internationally, you will probably have to deal with CITES and have the correct docs, and customs in general will be a major pain...potentially months to acquire the proper papers

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You would be better off buying from a local breeder. International shipping involves getting CITES and everything else like that because it is exporting and is very costly. There are other members on here that can go into more details.


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I am assuming since he is from Lima that there are not a lot of local breeders, hence the reason he is asking about international shipping.

The first thing to consider is the cost, as mentioned, it will be allot. If that does not dissuade you, you need to find a breeder/vendor who is familiar with the process. They will be able to give you the best direction.

Check with our vendors here first. If they cannot, perhaps they can point you in the right direction.


Bro i had no luck with that even screameleons wouldnt ship internationally a lot wont even for orders of 3000 dollars up i've tried... it's 100 dollars each for health permits... and i think u gotta wait 6 months... ur chameleon would be huuge by then hahaha i live in the philippines i smuggled mine in... 24 hour plane ride from usa to where i live... 2 plane rides to my city imagine the stress... i suggest if you live as far away as me go for a sub adult... 1st batch i brought in i was ripped off they gave me hatchlings 4 out of 5 died 1st week


It is not so big problem make documents (Cites export permit, veterinary export certificate) but it is cost something. Than you need calculate with shipping price itself. I am afraid that by shipping from Europe (I am from Europe so have no idea about shipping cost from USA I assume they will be lower) it will cost well over $500, probably it will be closer to 1000. Price for 1 and 100 chameleons will be not that different.
Moreover I expect that no one exporter will start without partial advance payment because applying for permits cost something. I do not know if you need import CITES permit (you need know your law) for II annex animals it is not necessary.
I believe for veileds, pardalis,lateralis, jacsonii etc export documents are no problem, for some "a bit uncertain" origin species (f.e South african Bradypodions, parsonii, etc) although they can be generations bred in Europe export permit can be difficult problem.


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Edgar at chameleons canada i believe will ship out to you! He sent some to thialand i do believe not long ago.
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