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Hi guys.

I have a female veiled which I am 100% sure still has 1 or 2 eggs left inside of her from laying her first fertile clutch, it is less that a month since she laid the batch of 37.

I am able to get oxytocin but would like to know if anyone can direct me on administering the chameleon with the medication. I would just like to know where do I inject and what is the best size needle to use? Then also what is the usual dosage?

I understand some people would not think twice about giving me flack for considering doing it myself. However I have done dealt with many chameleon health problems on my own with 100% success, I am aware of how to handle them better than my vet does during medical examins and administering fluids. I also realise I need to do this in a sterile setting for no risk of infection. I understand the concepts of injecting medications but not so with chameleons specifically. The closest vet that I have that can deal with reptiles - not even chameleons specifically - is exorbitantly pricy so I would like to do these procedures myself if I have the know how.

I have seen an information video on injecting chameleons with oxytocin before but I cannot find it.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

-Tyrone Holmes
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