1. chameleonneeds

    Injecting oxytocin

    Hi guys. I have a female veiled which I am 100% sure still has 1 or 2 eggs left inside of her from laying her first fertile clutch, it is less that a month since she laid the batch of 37. I am able to get oxytocin but would like to know if anyone can direct me on administering the...
  2. Seeco

    She Laid! A Week After Oxytocin

    Hi check out this thread where I was freaking out about one of my CB Kinyongia not laying: https://www.chameleonforums.com/oxytocin-not-working-please-read-44596/ Well, she laid today. I guess I was jumping the gun with the oxytocin. A $300 dollar panic. Oh well, I am quite alright with...
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