She Laid! A Week After Oxytocin


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Hi check out this thread where I was freaking out about one of my CB Kinyongia not laying:

Well, she laid today. I guess I was jumping the gun with the oxytocin. A $300 dollar panic. Oh well, I am quite alright with that now!

As Elisadolots suggested, I pre-dug a hole (great idea). My female went in and excavated a horizontal tunnel starting from the bottom of that hole. Her tunnel wrapped around to the left once she was out of view and resulted in one of the most frustrating egg extractions ever. She was thin as a rail but I could not find any eggs! I wound up removing over half of the soil in the bin before finding the chamber...

I can tell I'm in for some fun with this girl.

As mentioned, the eggs are infertile. As I was digging and digging I thought "Why doesn't she just pop them out on the surface since they are not fertilized? So annoying and a waste of her energy." Well, I guess instinct is pretty strong when it comes to eggs because 20 minutes later, I found MYSELF carefully mixing up some incubation medium and placing the eggs in a tupperware saying to myself:

"Maybe they will hatch... gotta try"

I can imagine her digging all day and thinking the same thing over and over. The same ancestral memory of females doing the dig, not stopping until the eggs are laid and covered.

It is pretty cool -- she has made the transition into adulthood.


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I am so happy that your girl laid. Give her plenty of water and food today and some liquid calcium if you have it. If you don't have liquid calcium dust her feeders extra heavy with calcium without d3 the next few days. I would feed her well the next few days and then cut back to everyother day and decrease her temps. to about 80 or 81.
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