Info On Rudis Chameleons


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I Am Looking For Some Info On Rudis Chameleons And Cant Seem To Find To Much On Them I Was Wondering If Anyone Had Any Sites I Could Check Out About Them.
it's a mountain species. adcham has plenty on this species. are u thinking about getting a rudis? i really like them, the shape of their heads is what i think the the nicest
hey reed i waswondring ifyou have any pics of the moter justbefore birt as i would like to compare with my females size see if she has any babies on the way.....thanks
First of all you have with 100% guarantee no Trioceros rudis. The animals sold as these are Trioceros sternfeldi.
Did you get now informations about those little chameleons ?
There's one very important thing, you should always have an eye on their mouths. They can get really fast infections and many of them die because of this
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