Infertile Veiled about to lay again

Thomas Rogers

New Member
Hello all! My veiled chameleon Sweet Brown is approximately 16 months, and is about to lay(infertile) eggs for the third time. This time, instead of digging in the bin I set up, she is aimlessly digging on the plastic sheet at the base of her cage. Does anyone know what I should do, or how to get her to stop so she can actually find a spot she wants to lay her eggs?

Get rid of any flooring stuff. it should just be the cage floor. Try a different laying bin. rubbermaid bins, 5g buckets, small trash cans. Anything you can get 12" of dirt in. try and fit the bin from all sides. walmart sells bins that will most likely fit side to side. i found some there that only left a one inch gap. She may be just tired of the old one or figure since she hasn't seen any of her babies running around, that predators are raiding here current spot and that's why she is looking for something new. She might not know they are unfertilized eggs.
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