Incubator kit for sale

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This has everything you need to make a incubator with a 55qt or larger cooler. This will hold at least 8 shoebox sized containers. all you will need is a cooler and a case of bottled water. the kit includes.....

1- big apple herp electronic thermostat 800watt
1- RH-6 zoomed heat pad still have paper on sticky side
1- RH-4 zoomed heat pad used.
1 zoomed rheostat

This setup will how a near perfect temp with no variation. I will even send pics on how to set it up if needed. I used it for a while and this is 10 times better than the other incubators i have seen plus it is bigger.

Will sell kit for 75 bucks +shipping.
with this setup you will have the best setup available, it will hold a tolerance of .5 degrees, will take 60 shipped.
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