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Hey there.

4 days ago I recently bought a female panther, ambilobe I believe. Im guessing she is around a month or 2 old now.

Ive never owned a female before so would like to know the basics. What age will she start to produce eggs? Are there any signs in colour changes? I know that they will become very active and start to dig (correct me if im wrong). When should I add the laying bin to the enclosure and what size would be best? Ive read that if you lower the temps slightly and decrease food intake it will lower the clutches and thus stress levels when laying, what are the safe decreases and if it is year round etc? Also if theres anything ive missed someone could fill me in.

Any responses will be appreciated gratefully.

Thanks, Andy:eek:


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Congratulations on your new female. They turn a darker color before laying egg at somewhere between 6 and 14 months old. I would set up a 10 inch deep laying bin for her in her cage at around 5 1/2 months old.
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