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I have a young female. I introduced the lay bin using coco fibre and play sand. It has been in the viv for a few weeks and noticed it was getting a little too wet from the water dripping off the plants. I took it out in an attempt to drain it. When it was inside the viv there was no smell. When I emptied the contents it smells slightly pond like... so I have a few questions.

A) is this smell normal or do I need to replace the contents?

B) If the smell shouldn't be there...How do I stop it from getting smelly?

From what I've been told, I shouldn't be needing to change lay bin regularly so I'm a little lost. This is my first female. Any help would be much appreciated!
Hey there you want to drill tiny holes in the bottom of the lay bin. It needs to be able to drain off. You should not have to replace the contents of the bin if it has drainage. If this does not work then you want to look at the size, placement and your misting session schedule.

I think I would avoid coco fiber and either use straight washed play sand or a combo of play sand and organic soil. Here is a helpful graphic.

laybin graphic.jpg
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