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So say if I were to ever go on a vacation. Who do I get to watch my chameleon? Do I take it to their house or do they come over? Me and my family have been wondering how his will work.


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I have the neighbor do it. They are not herpers, but we watch their dogs. I just put giant signs everywhere. To the point where each "feeding" is in is own container. "just shake what is in this box into the cage".

Honestly i think they can go 5-7 days without food just fine. My adults each like 3-4 times in 2 weeks, and ive raised several "once a weekers".


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If everything is automated and if you get some camera's you'll be okay for a weekend -- but make sure you have someone available to go to your house on the fly in case something goes wrong and check those cameras regularly. My main concern would be losing power honestly.

When I leave I use a neighborhood dog walker lady. She's had reptiles so she's cool with bugs -- but I pre-blend / gel up any gut load and put em in ice cube trays so that part is easy for anyone. First few times I would Face Time in and watch her feed her.

Last time I left Mona for 48 hours with a camera and my neighbor on call -- that's when she felt comfortable enough to lay her clutch.
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