I'm new to this site and am looking for breeding advice

Exotic Panthers

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I'm stoked to find this site and look forward to talking with others about chameleons! I've always been into breeding different types of animals since I was a kid so I decided to start breeding panthers.

I bought 3 panthers that come from colorful bloodlines about a 1 1/2 years ago. As of now I have a few eggs incubating from one of my females named Kaya but my goal is to have over 200 babies in the next year so I need to get things rolling.

Does anyone have any tips about how to get a male panther to mate more easily? My male, Nesta, seems to be a little too aggressive towards my females and he bites one of my females named Koa each time I put them together. I have to keep a very close eye on him each time because he has bitten her pretty badly a couple of times. I've tried introducing each female separately to his cage and I've also tried intoducing him to their cages but I haven't seen much of a difference in his aggressiveness.

Thanks for any advice!

Tim :cool:
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