I'm in love!! :)


Sayid is so freaken cute....I have been spending a lot of time with him this past week. He only scampers away 3 out of 10 times that I am in is enclosure. He likes his misting and LOVES his showers. He has eaten crickets and mealies right out of my fingers. He walks up and down my arms and rest on my chest or shoulder. He sits with me from 15 minutes to an hour. He loves his out side fresh air, natural sun...(I got a butterfly habitat that I put grape vines and artificial foliage in). He has also been cup feeding which is nice because I feel better knowing he did eat everything and they didn't escape. He is eating about 8-10 1/2" crickets and about 3 mealies or a few small months I catch.
I love the way he looks at me....It makes me laugh and I like trying to figure out what the hell he is thinking. He has showed off his colors a couple times but only for a few seconds. He has cute little poka-dots. I think he may be more of the yellowy turquoise colors when he matures but maybe I'm wrong.
None the less I love him...:p Just wanted to share!
It's nice that you're enjoying him! Just an fyi, go easy on the mealworms, as they are not ideal. Instead, maybe try superworms. (I am assuming you mean mealworms when you say "mealies". My apologies if I am in error).
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