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My female veiled (also pregnant) is situated in a flexarium. The structure is a plastic frame made up of cylindrical poles (Exo Terra's 100 Gal.) and she keeps trying to walk across.

Obviously she can't grip but sometimes she can ballence, meaning that once she moves her back legs she fall down. She hasn't fallen completely from a height but she keeps falling forward and hitting her abdomen.

I'm concerned about this because she is holding eggs and I don't want her to damage them or herself in anyway.

I had an idea about possibly wrapping the plastic poles in some kind of material that helps her grip more but wanted to check if this is an OK thing to do or if there was any materials that could possibly be irritant to her.

Thanks in advance.
I had kinda the same thing w/ large drift wood- it was quite slick- I hot glued little stips of screen on it ( the soft balck kind - not the silver) so they are like little runways - she had not lost her grip again - just make sure you get all those little string things the glue gun can make - they look like threads- get all those out/off - a stiff paint brush works well for that :) take her out to do all this
I tried wrapping a few vines but with the poles been a plastic I wouldn't find anywhere to keep the vines attached (without breaking into the side of the mesh) I think I will stick some materials to it. Thanks :)
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