If you go to Canada, you have to visit this place!!


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Yesterday I drove almost 5 hours to visit the Reptilia Zoo in Vaughan, Ontario (which is just north of Toronto). I was not disappointed!

Their store is extremely clean, all animals appear to be well kept, and they had supplies that you won't find at the local pet shop, or even the largest Petco/mart. Prices were surprisingly very reasonable. I got a giant tub of plain calcium, for about the same price I spent on 70g of it at Petsmart. As far as enclosures go, they had a very large selection of glass enclosures, but only one kind of small screened ones. But for cage furniture and foliage, they had everything! All reasonably priced. They all seemed to be very knowledgeable. Since they had the zoo, and most likely made most of their money from that, they were not hesitant to give proper advice to customers.

They didn't have any chameleons for sale, which is a good thing I believe... it means they know about their advanced needs, and probably decided not to house them because of that. On the other hand, they had a large variety of other reptiles, including my favourite snake, the Diamond/Coastal Carpet Python. :D If my husband wasn't so terrified of them, I would have forked out the cost, and he would be sitting on my lap right now :( I might look into placing chameleon orders through them in the future, since their website boasts "If you want it, we can get it". I really like how they kept everything, so it's worth a looking into.

The Zoo was awesome! The only chams they had were a pair of female panthers. They were about 5-7 months old, and seemed to be very happy in their giant "hide and seek" enclosure, despite the fact that they were housed together, along with a few anoles(?). The anoles were more afraid of the chams, while the chams didn't seem to care. They told me that they had a male in there with them all, but he wasn't there when we were. They had a very large variety of snakes, and a smaller variety of lizards, tortoise, and turtles. I don't know how long one of the boa's they had was, but it was over a foot in girth. Biggest snake I've ever seen in person! I love snakes, and it was awesome see my husband get all freaked out. Then, out of the blue, comes a staff member, who offered to let us touch one of the boa's, that was smaller, but still huge. It was awesome, even got my husband to touch it. :p
They had a variety of cobras, vipers, and rattlers too. Best part though; the gators and crocs. I think they had 3 different species... didn't matter what kind they were at the time though. They were huge, basking within a few feet of our edible faces! Very cool!

So yeah, if you're in the area, you should really check this place out! Even if you don't see the zoo, the store is one of the better reptile specialty shop I've visited.
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