Ice pack/humidifier combo a bad idea?


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Still working on cooling down the cage (though I’ve upgraded from telling myself ”I’m definitely killing this chameleon“ to “I might be killing this chameleon.” Yaaay progress 🥳🎉)

I got a box fan and have it constantly running (windy side UP) at the top of the cage. It hasn’t helped cool anything off, it just keeps air moving. It may be a complete waste of money, but I also ordered a Zoo Med Repti Cooler to try and it should be here next week. Both last night and today, I tried the trick with a PVC pipe rigged up to an ultrasonic coolmist humidifier and aimed it at a bunch of ice packs sitting on top of the cage. I ran it for about an hour both times.. Didn’t really seem to do much for me during the day, but it did work a lbit better at night. Maybe it’s the type of ice pack I’m using (all of them have a weird, fuzzy gauze coating on them.. not a great idea to put on something that will be exposed to water/frost)? I also tried it with ice cubes and had similar results - worked best at night. Maybe i‘m not using enough ice cubes.

During the day, the basking spot sits at about 85 F and is also the driest place in the cage at 39-45% (unless of course the cage has just been misted). At night, using the AC I can keep humidity at about 50--55% and temps at 77-79F at the middle/bottom of the cage (still warmer/drier than I’d like, but I’ll take what I can get). Last night I was able to get humidity up to 60% and temps at the middle down to the bottom at 73 F using the ice packs with the humidifier. Ambient temps in my house during the day range from 80-83 F at the highest, 79-80 F with the AC on. Same deal at night, given the summer heat. I say all of this to ask the following question:

I’m wondering how safe this is, given my ambient temperatures. Is it a bad idea to try the humidifier with ice packs in my case? I‘m all for an option that will bring the temperature down and kick the humidity up (both during the day and at night especially), but I’m so concerned I’m going to give my cham a RI. I’d just mist more at night, but I have similar concerns there as well.


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I think its worth a try. I know people who do this with the ice to drop temps without dropping humidity. But the fan will defeat that purpose. The fan is usually used to drop humidity
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