i made a chart of feeder prices for comparison


hey everyone! i mostly finished a chart i’ve made that compares the prices of bugs from different places in relatively small quantities, i hope it can be helpful to someone if anyone is interested in getting the most bugs for your buck:p
so the first two rows are pet stores i have in my area, disregard those, they’re not filled out all the way anyways
the next rows are some online stores that have been recommended to me/seem pretty popular, the first number in each column is the amount of bugs, the second number is the price, and the third number (in bold) is how much each individual insect costs
the dashes mean that product isn’t available from that website
i didn’t calculate shipping into anything at all bc it’s different for everyone
but yeah i hope this is helpful or at least somewhat interesting!


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so far the best deal I've come across is Critter Depot where they sell 1000 crickets of any size for $20 shipped. That's only 2 cents per cricket which is insane price.
I just ordered from them on Tuesday and they got shipped out on Wednesday. It was shipped via USPS from Pennsylvania and I'm located on the west coast. I'm expecting them to arrive today (USPS tracker shows they are on time). I'll post update on the crickets when I receive them.


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Rainbow Mealworms has 1000 crickets for around $15 or less, depending on the size of the cricket. Not sure about shipping, though. But you can also create a customized combo pack, there, too!


Just went to Rainbow Mealworms to compare the prices. Good pricing at $16.50 for 1000 crickets. Shipping is from California and straight up north the west coast to Washington state. I get the following options for shipping:

Choose a Shipping Method:

  • 2 to 5 days (Priority Mail) $8.98
  • USPS Priority 2 - 5 Days $13.73
  • UPS/FedEx (Next Day Air) $33.90
Isn't the first two options the same thing?
Regardless in total it comes to $25.48 for 1000 crickets shipped when choosing the cheapest method of Priority Mail with Rainbow Mealworms.
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