I Hope U Can Help Me.


Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon – Ambilobe 7 month
Handling – daily
Feeding – Crickets (about 5 or more a day) hornworms and Silkworms about every 3 days
Supplements – Exo Terra Calcium every day- Exo Terra Multi Vitamin every 2 weeks-Zoo Med Repti Calcium with D3 every 2 weeks
Watering – Mistking sprays for 30 seconds 5 times a day (its Alberta really dry)
Fecal Description – typical with a little pink or orange colour in the white

Cage Info:
Cage Type – Screened 2’x2’ by 4’high
Lighting - Reptiglo Exo Terra UVB 5.0 and 100W basking light
Temperature – Usually 23*C (i think that’s 74*F)
Humidity – 50 to 80 (drops at night and in the hot afternoons) with a mistking and humidifier
Plants – Golden Pothos, Small palm tree that I found on the safe plants list
Placement – in between 2 windows
Location – Edmonton A.B

Current Problem – He is closing one eye I have been trying the shower and he likes it but I’m not sure its helping

thanks for all of your help i hope its something i am missing and i dont have to make the trip to the big V
100 watt basking bulb might be too much... make sure the basking temp doesn't go much past 92.... also if you have a fan on or an ac unit blowing air it might be irritating it
I used a touch of terramycin on a irritated eye after the shower didn't work and in 2 days had my guy back to normal and he stopped itching and blinking its like it never happened that medicine is great...but im not a vet just saying what worked for me
I dont have a pic at the moment and hes sleeping now but the eye looks good to me nothing has changed in appearance.
i think im going to the vet on sat morning because i think its been getting worse
Yes it dries out its only a 30 second mist do u think I should make it a longer mist with more time between mists?
terramycin is a broad spectrum antibiotic and should be used for a certain time period in order to knock out a population of bacteria, be careful when self medicating because you could potentially set up a resistant strain in your cham. Hope the vet solves the prob for you. Good luck
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