I HOPE this will be the final decision


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So as some of you may know, I was interested in a 4-6 month old panther that was in sheffied which is 2.5 hrs away from us. the day before we were supposed to pick him up, someone bought him. Luckily, we found a more reputable chameleon breeder who has a 2 month old nosy be. He said it was available for sale in 2 weeks, because he had to get older and i must say, he is a CUTIE. the sires amazing as well. I almost feel relieved that we don't have to do the drive and it's someone who can be trusted (someone i know bought succesfully from him) Would you agree he is 2 months old? does he look healthy?

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IDK—I'm asking of the experts... I'm seeing what appears to be a kink or bend in the tail in that first pic. Is that anything or nothing? :cautious:
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