I have no idea what the heck

I’ve been taking really good care of my chameleon and I answered some of the experts Q&A he’s on here but I am completely shook I think my heart just fell out of my chest I was getting ready to turn his light off for the night and I look over at him and he starting to lean over onto his side on his branch and his eye is literally popping out of his head just one eye and then his breathing starts getting really heavy and he starts almost collapsing and I hurry up and open the cage and he just reverts back to normal what the heck is going on his I went back into his head it was literally like swollen like he was about to die I have no idea what the heck Is going on and between his eye literally coming out of his head like that and him starting to fall down onto his side and then the moment I open the door his eye goes back to normal immediately and he perks up like what is going on


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They have a lot of mobility with their eyes bugging out and sinking in.. Just keep an eye (heehee) on him.
Others with more experience hopefully will chime in. Let us know how he is doing in the A.M. during feeding time.
Hope he was just scratching his eyes and nothing else.. Did he shed recently or getting ready to?

They can scratch when trying to loosen up the eyelid area.. That could have been his leaning over too. Pics please
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It all happened so fast there was no way to get a photo. He’s back to normal and is sleeping now but I am still pretty worried and freaked out. There is no swelling or bumps around his eyes, it was legit like extended out as if it was swollen 20X it’s normal size and as soon as I opened his door he just went back to normal


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Just curious what he is living in these days.. I only read the glass hex tank thread and I might have missed something.
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