i found someone on craigslist selling this veiled,does it look okay? please tell me


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this is a chameleon posted on craigslidst local here in phoenix, the other photos on this post were of a fogger and a water fall that the owner had setup in its plexiglass (the teraniums that petsmart sales), im just curious do the casque on the chameleon appear to be normal? and does it look malnutritioned?


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I would also suggest do not purchase. It has extreme metabolic bone disease and the owner should take it to the vet. If you did buy it, it will be a horrible first experience with a chameleon along with hundreds of dollars in vet bills. I would recommend you inform the person that the chameleon is sick and needs a vet and that be the most of it.

Also before buying a chameleon I would recommend doing more research on your own. If you have to ask if this chameleon is sick then you need to do more reading and research before committing to a chameleon yourself.
Omg poor little guy :'( He is definitely VERY ill, the set-up sounds and looks completely wrong also.

I wouldn't be able to help but rescue him and get him the medical attention he needs, but yeah, don't purchase him if this is not your intention, especially if you've never owned a chameleon before.

And I agree that if you weren't able to realise he was ill to do more research prior to committing to a chameleon.

Take a look around the Husbandry and Health sections of this forum for more information, and don't hesitate to ask any questions no matter how silly they may seem :)
Omg I wanna kill these people. And I suppose they are advertising him as a healthy male Veild??? I read the riot act to someone on Craigslist that was selling a sick chameleon. He basically told me if I didn't want to buy it, then why should I care! I really let him have it after that comment!!!! This is very sad to see.
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